Interview Questions

Interview Questions

1. When did you first become interested in art?

I started painting in the 1980s when I was part of the Munich night-scene and my paintings reflected that energy.

2. Who or what has inspired you?

The German Expressionists. Matisse and Dufy and Les Fauves for their boldness of colour. Kimura and the Colour Field Artists. My own feelings and spiritual Journey.

3. Can you describe what is involved in the process of creating your art work? Why did you choose this medium?
What do you love about it?

Art is my emotional response to the spiritual quest inside me. I want to achieve a fusion of the emotional, spiritual and the landscape surrounding me. When I am in the zone, the painting (or print or ceramic) grows into me and I become part of it.

4. What was your favourite project in your career to date and why?

In Germany: My first SOLO Exhibition in Munich where all my paintings were sold

In Switzerland: I was invited by a Gallerist in Zurich to show my work in a SOLO Exhibition

In France: I fondly remember the days in Paris and Honfleur when I was painting en plein air.

In England: The Darryl Nantais Gallery and I worked on several projects together and for ten years now stage a bi-annual Exhibition. Another favourite project is the concept of “Open Studio” which I started in England within the Cambridge Open Studio initiative. The public is invited to visit the artist’s studio where they can get a feel of the ‘making’ of art. I continue to open the doors of my studio annually here in Warrawee.

In Australia: The Exhibition “State of Flux” at New South Wales Parliament House was the highlight here in 2010. The exhibition was opened by the honourable Virginia Judge and 300 people were attending the first night.

5. What's your favourite colour?

I love all colours!

6. Where to next for you? How do you think your work will evolve in the future?

Painting and Printmaking are the mediums I currently am concentrating on. The painting follows a very intuitive, spiritual path which is a force from within, Printmaking is the path of the conceptual. I just follow the flow and try my best every day. I endeavour to find my own configuration within Abstract Expressionism.

7. Is it ever too late to start painting? How would you do it?

It is never too late for anything I hope. How would I advise someone who wants to start ? It depends on each person’s level of confidence. For some it may be beneficial to attend art courses, some may start on their own and follow their own guidance. Most important of all - just follow your heart!